Program: 2023-03-02 Decades #2

The second program that takes one track from each decade in the library showing how the tastes changed over the years!

Perez PradoGuaglioneKing of Mambo1959
Creedence Clearwater RevivalBorn on the BayouBayou Country1969
BostonForeplay / Long TimeBoston1976
Level 42Bass Solo / Love GamesA Physical Presence1985
Gary MooreParisienne WalkwaysBlues Alive1992
The Cruel SeaDelivery ManWe Don’t Work, We Play Music2002
Nick Cave & the Bad SeedsHiggs Boson BluesPush The Sky Away2013
Peter FramptonReckonerFrampton Forgets the Words2021
Program Playlist
This program brought to you Madison Wells Pty Ltd trading as Astute St Leonards, a finance broker.
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